Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My opera prima

My first film was released to 5 cinemas in 3 cities in Bolivia. As an independent filmmaker, I see this as a great opportunity that most filmmakers, especially first-timers do not have.

The premier was a big success and I had the chance to talk to many people who saw the film. What they had to say was very interesting. Some liked the film, others were very uncomfortable, some were disturbed.

A woman from the press who saw the movie told me how wonderful it was that a woman had made the first Bolivian erotic film about sadomasochism that was not exploitative or vulgar and that was controversial and daring.

Another woman said that she liked the film, but would prefer to be on the other end of the whip (wielding it).

Yet another woman said that she was deeply disturbed and needed time to think about it and see the film again. (We've since talked about it in person and become friends.)

I also talked to a couple who are friends of mine and they liked the film a lot, that it made them feel uncomfortable, but not in a way that made them want to get up and leave, rather that it made them want to see more and find out what happens. They used the word "ominous".

So far I have received 5 reviews of the movie, some claim that I'm promoting domestic violence, that I'm a misogynist, and that I inhabit the last circle of hell. On Bolivian television I've been called brave. One cinefile wrote a long poetic piece about the film in which he clearly understands what I'm trying to convey with the movie.

Title: Sirwiñakuy
Country: Bolivia
Company: Pachamama Films
Cast: Veronica Paintoux, Jac Avila, Erik Antoine, Beto Lopez L., Alfredo Lopez C., Chuqui the cat.
Screenplay: Amy Hesketh
Directed by: Amy Hesketh
Produced by: Jac Avila, Amy Hesketh, Roberto Lopez L.


  1. Valiente hacer una película con esa temática en sudamérica, que yo sepa en América latina películas similares se han hecho poco. Tengo entendido que un cineasta Ripstein de México hizo cosas por el estilo aunque más inclinado al terror.

  2. Gracias Christián! Si, no se hacen muchas películas con esa temática en sudamérica, y es la primera en Bolivia. Puede ser valiente por mi parte, pero tambien es importante explorar lo que esta adentro de la gente. He sido atacada por ésta película, pero un numero mayor de personas me dicen que la película habla sobre ellos.