Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Spanksgiving!

Francisca and Mariana in chains
Instead of taking a holiday like most Americans on Turkey Day here I am, at the computer, working as usual. We also shot more segments today of an interview with yours truly about none other than Maleficarum.

Tomorrow I'll be editing the first part of an interview we shot before, about the pre-production of Maleficarum, which I hope to share with you very soon on YouTube. The plan being to put up segments of the interviews with me, my fellow cast and crew over the next few weeks.

It's fun to talk about a movie after its release, because essentially, the pressure is off. It's out there in the world, and in the case of Maleficarum, it's doing well and we've had tons of really great comments and critiques of the movie on various websites and forums.

And something has happened with this film that's very interesting. People are discussing it like students do in film class. Analyzing, it, going over the details, asking why. It's super cool, and great for me. I love interacting with an audience that way, and the wonderful wide world on the internet has made that possible.

I'm also collecting questions from various forums about Maleficarum. So if you have a question for me about Maleficarum or a related topic, toss it on over into my Facebook inbox or write a comment right here! I'll be recording my answers on video and posting it up on YouTube.

So, stay tuned...


  1. Do you have sexual fantasies about being burned at the stake? Did that have something to do with your being in this film? I look forward to seeing it! -jeff

  2. Also, I would love to hear about other films you have in the works, even if they are only in idea form. I may even be willing to help out financially. -jeff

  3. I am also curious about why you appeared in this movie? Does it have a sexual background? Have you been having fantasy about being burned at the stake? I guess I do not know, why else you would do that.