Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Production!

The poster of Dead But Dreaming
I'm really excited to announce the new production of Pachamama Films/Decadent Cinema, Dead But Dreaming, slated to begin shooting in early 2012!

I'll be producing and acting in this one, much like Maleficarum. Veronica Paintoux, myself, Mila Joya, and Jac Avila are starring, and we're casting soon for lots of other parts. There are lots of interesting speaking parts in this one.

This movie is sizing up to be quite a production, read big. We're already looking at a lot of exotic locations in Bolivia. The diversity in Bolivia and the cost of production will give us some really spectacular scenes.

Since the movie takes place in different parts of the world and in different times, this is a real challenge for me, but one I'm happy to rise to.

I just love making movies!

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  1. Dialogue like in the Marytr is something different from the Maleficarum which use a lot of facial and body language, very cerebral and visual at the same time. I marveled at the simplicity of that movie that got its message across visually, the script was very well thoughout. In watching the Marytr, I had rely on the subtitles; but the movie held my attention, I wish I was better in languages. The Dead...., if produced with as much effort as Maleficarum will be very interesting.