Thursday, August 2, 2012

Great review of Maleficarum

Another great review came in from an interesting blog, which you can check out RIGHT HERE!

You can download the movie here or get the DVD here!


I get a bucket of water in my face.
Well, this is highly unusual for my blog to feature a film like this. Why do I say that? Well this film is very hard to catagorize. It is not a "torture porn" film like the recent crap being made, nor does it fit into any other genre of films I usually review.
I guess I would put it in the group of films like Inquisition, El Inquisador and Bloody Judge, but it isn't a witch hunting film either. It is a story that is at once horrific and will make you sit up and take notice.
It was not pleasant.
It involves two young women who are brought to the Inquisiton by the church, who really only wants the money and possessions of one of the women. They are accused of every stupid and silly things that people say about them and they are stripped and tortured in many various and painful ways by the church.
Both are whipped, burned, stretched on the rack and many other atrocities. This is not a pleasant film and the ending with burning at the stake for one of the women is not at all easy to watch.
Both women are beautiful and they are naked thru 99% of the film. The torture isn't presented in an exploitative way, but in a way that makes you understand the horrors of the acts against these women.
Lovely Amy Hesketh is Mariana de castro and Mila Joya is Francisca de la Cruz, the two women who are brought before the inquisition. Both women do a fine job and Amy REALLY suffers for her art here folks.
In fact, I liked it about as much as a kitten likes a bath.
Director Jac Avila knows how to make a damn good story and not make it too exploitative.
If you get the chance, you will want to see this film, but please know it has ample violence and both women are nude throughtout the entire film, except the very beginning and the end.

Highly Recommended!!


  1. I already purchased Maleficarum and i have to say it's delightful.Both you and Mila look utterly sensual, especially undertaking all those tortures. Great production , great FX and great acting , especially from you Amy, may i add that your are gorgeous.

    1. Thank you so much for your gracious compliments! I'm glad that our efforts and dedication are appreciated.:)

  2. Impresionante película, la verdad. Amy, retomas el género y lo llevas más allá. E incluso hay varios premios para esta película. ¡Enhorabuena!

    Muy buena actuación y gran idea de Jac de retratar con toda su crudeza la época de la Inquisición, con sus sombras y codicias, todo ello en nombre de una religión que los mismos inquisidores ni siquiera practicaban. Intenso y desolador ver cómo por dichos y codicia pudieron sufrir miles de mujeres. Los testimonios dejan más huella aún y los procedimientos inquisidores sin censuras muestran a qué punto de crueldad puede llegar el ser humano.

    Y también aplaudo el rigor y la interpretación tanto de Amy como de Mila. Además, para estar acorde con la ambientación de la época grabasteis todas vuestras escenas completamente desnudas y con abundancia de vello púbico. Es un gesto para aplaudir, puesto que muchas películas intentan mostrar una ambientación del pasado y las actrices llevan el pubis rasurado (o incluso completamente depilado), justo como la tendencia actual. Y eso quita realismo y ya el dramatismo no es tanto. Así que gracias por haber querido filmar sin miedo mostrando todo el vello púbico. Gracias y a continuar así.