Monday, April 8, 2013

My First Video Blog Post: Location Scouting for Dead But Dreaming

Cliffs outside of La Paz
I had a great time yesterday location scouting for the remaining scene for Dead But Dreaming. The fresh air was wonderful.

Over the past few months, Jac was editing Dead But Dreaming, made his first cut, and decided that something was missing. Yesterday we made the first step in filling in that fantastic puzzle piece.

The scene will be somewhat elaborate, it's the story of how Mila Joya's character, a slave who is falsely accused of theft, whipped and crucified for the enjoyment of her mistress's guests, becomes a vampire.

The location we found is about an hour outside of La Paz, in a beautiful valley. You can watch the video below, right here:


  1. Cool first video blog! I think it worked
    out very well. Camera work was clear &
    steady, commentary easy to follow too.
    Enjoyed seeing you & Jac working, sharing.

    Those cliffs were awesome too, like rows of Spirits coming forth from the earth. Ominous.
    But that hill Jac liked - What *was* that
    thing carved on top of it ? Neither of you
    seemed impressed with it so maybe it is very
    common - but looked Lovecraft-ian to me !!
    Something tells me Mila is in a lot of danger-
    again. Can't wait!

    -Andrew/No URL

    1. Thanks Andrew, the carved sculpture on top of the hill did look Lovecraftian. Perhaps we'll include it in the scene.

      The region is referred to as the Valle de las Animas, literally The Valley of the Spirits. Some people think it's a spiritual place, thus the pentagram and other symbols everywhere.