Monday, July 8, 2013

An Inspired Review of Barbazul!

(Veronica) "portrays death throes with disturbingly believable authenticity"
Yesterday a very positive and insightful review was published in The Beverly Hills Outlook by editor Charles Lonberger. To say the least, it was well received by yours truly. The reviews says many complimentary things about the film and the acting of Veronica Paintoux, Mila, Joya, Jac Avila. Well, everyone in the cast. And this is what it says about me:

"The most interesting role, an otherwise minor part, of Jane, is assumed by director Hesketh, slyly referencing an inside joke by assigning the role to herself. It is a self-portrait of the Artist as masochist, handcuffed and whipped. In this role, as a fictional author of S&M novels, Hesketh wants to be hit “harder,” and ends up buried beneath, and thereby literally lower, than dirt. The assignment of this role to herself is transparent. Her interpretation of this very dark role is as girlish as it is disarmingly and deceptively casual. Most importantly, it voices the central dialectic of Hesketh's creative self: as filmmaker, she is very much in control, yet the fiction she imagines, as in a dream, celebrates control being forcibly taken from her, here in the form of her own death, which she eroticizes, due to the manner in which it is realized.

Extremely dark, ultimately introverted and intelligent entertainment, Barbazul is distributed by Vermeerworks."

Me, celebrating my loss of control.


  1. Read the whole review and found it very intelligent. But since you're the one posting it here it begs the obvious question: Do you agree with his analysis of you or not?

    On another subject: What is the release date
    for, "Dead but Dreaming" on VOD? And what of
    the other projects you have in the works like,
    "Spectres of Blood Castle"?

    I admit my impatience and sometimes it seems you have so much in the pipeline you are in
    danger of becoming the Orson Wells of the Andes.
    (By output, not by girth of course - wink!)


  2. Thanks for reading, Andrew! Everyone can have an opinion of someone else, based on many factors. In this case, Charles has seen my films, my trajectory, but there are always assumptions made. I think he has an interesting perspective of my work and why I do what I do. And I agree with some points. Is that enigmatic enough for ya'? :)

    The release of Dead But Dreaming has a lot to do when we get the translations back from subtitles, and how long thereafter it takes to process and load the movie into the system(s) for distribution. It'll be after the 25th.

    Spectres will come out when we don't have anything more pressing to do and it can be edited, scored, etc.

    We do have so much in the pipeline right now that sometimes I feel overwhelmed. But I keep charging at it like a robot from the future.

    1. OK! Thanks for getting back. Your right to be
      enigmatic is respected. I suppose you and JJ
      hear, "When?, When?, When?" all the time.
      Perhaps it suggests a title for your next work:
      "La sala de espera."

      Meanwhile I must content myself to remain-
      Andrew:Esperando pero Sonando