Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The DVD Release of Martyr!

I'm very enthusiastic about announcing that Martyr is now available on DVD at VermeerWorks.

Now the whole world can see the film that changed the very direction of my life. I'm extremely proud of my co-conspirator and the director of Marytr, Jac Avila, for releasing this wonderful movie. It is truly a labor of love and the result is a film that is simply stunning a shocking. Yes, shocking, I'm still shocked after seeing it 5 times.

Sometimes someone creates something that is so powerful and so close to them that it touches you. It reaches right out and gets into your soul, it affects the way you see the world, and other people. That's Martyr.

Martyr is available right now in two versions, one with English subtitles, and another version with Spanish subtitles. Since the spoken languages of Martyr are French, English and Spanish, those who don't speak all three will want a DVD with subtitles.

And... very, very soon Sirwiñakuy will be available in the same store. at vermeerworks.com!

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