Tuesday, May 3, 2011

That's a wrap...again!

It's my birthday today and I've been thinking a lot on everything that's happened in the past year, the wonderful people I've met online, in real life, and finding the talented people I work with. The cooperation and encouragement I've received from friends, collaborators and fans has helped me to achieve my goals this past year!

I just wrapped on my third movie as writer/director, Le Marquis de la Croix, and I'm looking forward to shooting my next movie soon. Barbazul is being editing and Sirwiñakuy is being released this month on DVD and download. Incredible!

It has been a year of growth and learning for me and I am grateful to be alive right now, in this moment and doing the things I really want to do.

Sometimes life feels like an uphill battle, fears hold us down and get in the way of our goals and dreams. But this birthday, I feel that I have to try more than ever to realize my dreams.

So, more about Le Marquis de la Croix, which we wrapped on Saturday April 30th. We had a very long day shoot, from 10AM until 8PM. I love days like that, when at the end, you're incredibly tired and you've finished something. You feel like you've really accomplished something. In this case, my third movie.

The last shot we did was very complicated, but Miguel Canedo, cinematographer extraordinaire, pulled it off with his usual excellence. It's just a really super shot to end the film. Of course I can't tell you what it is, you'll have to see the movie.

Mila Joya, the star of Le Marquis, was amazing, she completely understood my concept, and she put up with all of the nasty things I had for her character, like eating bread off of the floor. Can I just repeat how awesome she is?! Every time I work with her it's a great experience, I can't imagine making a movie without her!

Some parties will get after me for making a movie like Le Marquis. They're going to be angry because a woman is making a campy "exploitation" film, in the footsteps of Jess Franco, Roger Corman, Jean Rollin, and others. Personally I feel that there could be more campy post-modern "exploitation" movies, films that have a little fun with the dark side, that don't take themselves so seriously. That go just a bit farther than their predecessors.

The support that I've received for this concept has been astounding. Thank you all!


  1. Amy:

    I've purchased and downloaded all the Pachamama films productions of yours and I think you're wonderful as both a lovely actress and a talented writer /producer. I can't wait for more of your films to become available.

    I especially respect your passion for historical and emotional accuracy while portraying scenes of torture, a subject that has always interested me greatly since I was a precocious little kid devouring history books by the ton. Not a little kid anymore (hardly!), but my passion remains the same and I think matches up pretty well with yours; I espoeciallyyour respect to ectually experince (upto a pont) some of the tortred you portray in your films.

    Which leads me to my main point. I have a foot fetish (do you?) and I totally agree with Jac Jac in "Fantom" when he tells your character that "you have pretty feet." I also appreciate your bastinado scene in Green Inferno.

    Anyway, I have a foot torture suggestion for you for some future film. Are you familiar with the old Roman and Inquisition torture called The Goat's Tongue? You know, the victim -- in this case, you -- is placed in bondage with her bare soles coated with brine and/or honey or any other substance goats love, which they then lick and lick! Supposedly, the resulting foot-tickling sensations from their rough tongues are beyond belief! I also think my suggestion offers you another opportunity to actually experience the torture you portray but without any danger of damage to your lovely person. Well, I'm sure there must be plenty of goats in Bolivia, so why don't you give The Goat's Tongue torture a try? It certainly seems a promising way to "have a little fun with the dark side" as you say above.

    BTW, I know Bard College and even know one or two people who graduated from there. Anyway, please feel free to reply to this comment if you wish through my e:mail if not on your blog. Love you, Amy, and Happy Holidays!

    Tom M

  2. Tom, thank you for the compliments.

    I watched a goat eat one of the back pockets off of a pair of my jeans (it snuck up behind me). Not sure how much I would trust a goat to not actually eat my feet in the process... :)