Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First TV interview about Maleficarum

We've started the media tour for the premiere of Maleficarum in cinemas here in Bolivia, which means lots of TV interviews. I've translated part of the first here so you can laugh openly at me. It's ok, go ahead.

Please keep in mind that I normally don't get up before 9AM unless we're shooting a movie (I sleep a lot, ok?), so rising at 6AM was really early for me.

Also, I put on the clothes I was wearing the day before, like, picked them up off the floor and put them on. More thought should go into these things. I look like I'm from the far North (which I am...), or very cold. Very, very cold.

Hemos empezado el tour de medios aqui en Bolivia para el estreno de Maleficarum, muchas entrevistas pues. Yo puesto uno aqui para que puedan reirse un poco de mi.

Normalmente, me levanto a las 9 de la mañana, excepto cuando estamos rodando una película (me gusta dormir, ok?) entonces levantarme a las 6 es un poco tempranito.

Tambien me he puesto la ropa del dia antes que estaba en el piso. Parece que soy del Norte (si lo soy, pero...), o que tengo mucho frio. Mucho frio.

TV announcer: You're the producer and actress of the film, yes?

Me: Yes.

TV announcer: So, what's your role in the movie?

Me: I'm Mariana and I'm tortured by the Inquisition.

Jac: (Lots of talk about the movie Maleficarum, which I really should have participated in, but was basically a zombie instead.)

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  1. Wow! You looked just like Hillary Clinton !

    No,no please - just kidding. Anyway the TV
    Lady looked more like she was expecting a Secret Service Agent instead.

    (I have no url)