Thursday, May 10, 2012

Maleficarum Goes to the Movies

What am I looking at?
Today is the opening of our movie Maleficarum! In 3 cities and 4 movie houses! We're all very excited to see how the public reacts to the movie, but based on the reaction we had from the many who attended at the premiere, it'll be interesting. Speaking of the premiere...

What do you do when everyone has to walk to the premiere of a movie? Monday, May 7th, 2012, Jac, Beto and I sat in the Multicine on the avenida arce waiting to see if anyone else would arrive for the premiere of Maleficarum. We decided that if only a few showed up, we would simply go home and have a beer.

This is the guy who tortures me the entire movie...
But as it edged closer to 8 o'clock, more and more people began to trickle into the theater. We greeted actors and friends, and when it was suggested that we all take some pictures in front of the banner, as the flashes started popping in a frenzy, we realized that there was a crowd.

We posed for many photos, press, social pages, people with cell phone cameras, professional cameras. It was great, we all felt very proud of ourselves and everyone who participated in the movie.

One of the spectators asked if the movie was filmed in 35mm, the photography was that good. Another said that their video games are so violent that violent movies no longer affect them but they liked Maleficarum. And another said that Maleficarum surpasses The Passion of the Christ and Saw for its violence, that it's veeeeery strong. For each person who had a hand in making this project happen, it's your movie, own it and be proud!

Downloads and DVDs of the director's cut of Maleficarum can be had here:

A large portion of the cast of Maleficarum!

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